TrenGuard 450TM Trendelenburg Restraint

ArmGuardTM Patient Arm Restraint 

Dan Allen Surgical offers the ONLY comprehensive Trendelenburg positioning system that conforms with AORN Positioning Guidelines!** 

The ONLY contemporary Trendelenburg restraint that has NEVER had a single report of a patient sliding.  

  • Eliminates patient sliding in Trendelenburg during laparoscopic, open and robotic procedures
  • ​Virtually eliminates the risk of neuropathy
  • Secures patients up to 450 lbs in 40 degrees of Trendelenburg
  • Total positioning time is < 2.5 minutes


The best solution for AORN 2010 guidelines recommending against tucking arms.**
  • Quick, easy and safe arm restraint during laparoscopic, open and robotic procedures.
  • Adjusts to all arm lengths.
  • Low frame profile is comfortable for the bedside assistant and does not clash with robotic arms.


Table Mounted Instrument Trays
  • ​​Sliding face plate protects the face and is easily removed in an emergency.
  • Table mounted instrument tray works well in all supine positions including extreme Trendelenburg.
  • Custom plates available for laparoscopy, robotic, cardiac and other procedures. 

FaceGuardTM  Instrument Tray

TrenGuardTM 450 Trendelenburg Restraint